Inform Yourself!

This is where we get serious.   There are so many things in life that get people fired up.  Don’t just be fired up, though.  Do a little research, it doesn’t take much, really!  Inform yourself,  and those around you.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, things like politics, religion and other societal issues can be inspiring and beacons of hope in this unpredictable world.  They can also be messy, a headache and chock full of things we all disapprove of.  But, in this free country, every citizen has a responsibility to be informed, to understand the issues and know what is happening around them.  I would contend that applies both here and abroad.

Be inspired, be spurred to action, be disgusted, be sick of the ‘politics’, BE passionate, and CARE!  The decisions and agendas that are at play now are the policies and cultural shifts that will impact my children and grandchildren and yours. For me, I would be negligent in my responsibility as their parent to put on blinders and tune out.

So, get the facts and join the discussion – passionately but respectfully!