Find Your Rest

The holiday season is upon us!  It brings lights, trees, gifts, lots and lots of mouth-watering food, friends, family, probably some travel and (hopefully) some snow.  It can also bring something else.  Stress.  I know, burst your euphoric, jungle bell filled bubble, didn’t I.

When I pause the hustle and bustle of my life and take a good, hard look around something stands out.  Whether it’s a story in the news, an acquaintance, coworker or someone near and dear there are major things happening in the lives around us.  Sometimes good and sometimes not-so-good, these stressors tend to take on a life of their own.  When they do they can morph into a Goliath.

Goliaths become bigger than life.  Goliaths are consuming.  They exhaust our mental and emotional resources and can suck our souls dry,  leaving us paralyzed on the side of the road, desperate for escape.

When we curl up and rest at the feet of Jesus, our personal Goliaths begin to shrink.  All of them.   They shrink because they are not ours to bear any longer.   They shrink because we turn them over, we give them up, we no longer try to desperately manage them.  Our Goliath ceases to be that dead weight around our neck pulling us to unforeseen depths.  It stops consuming us.  The yoke is lifted.

This world’s yoke is a heavy, back-breaking, beast that we were never meant to carry.  And we don’t have to.  I was reminded today that when we are at our Father’s feet, with our eyes upon Him, we truly find rest.  He takes our burdens, if we bring them to Him.  He lifts the heavy yoke, if we trade it for His.  In this world that is relentlessly taking, taking, taking, He delivers.  He moves our mountains for us, or flattens them into plains, or carries us over or around.  You see, we are not always delivered from our trials.   Sometimes, we are painstakingly, mercifully, beautifully, delivered through them.  When we come to Him.  When we let go.  When we throw our hands up and scream, “I can’t!”, He does.

Rest.  Curl up at His feet.  Lay your burdens down before the only one who can take them.  He came to deliver the burdened, to give rest to weary souls, to love.  He waits to give you the relief you so desperately need.