Awesomely Blessed

We are blessed.  All of us.  When life is great and everything goes our way it is easy to recognize and easy to say.  As broken as the systems of this nation continue to be, if you live here, you are blessed. Yes, even when life takes unexpected turns. We have many more resources, opportunities, privileges, freedoms, and rights than most around the world. Should we be concerned when rights are ignored, twisted or revoked altogether? Sure, and there should also be a measured and appropriate response.  In the midst of our railing against wrongs though, let’s not forget to also be thankful. 

Be thankful for a roof over your head and shoes on your children’s feet. Be thankful for family, friends, or even strangers who show up when you are in need. While you’re at it, give thanks for grocery stores and power and transportation. Seriously. Above all, be thankful, blessed, and at peace knowing that God sees it all. He sees both the good and the bad and is not surprised. 

It is easy to feel like society, culture, country, and world are spinning out of control. That may be. Knowing that the God and creator of everything holds it all in the palm of His hand brings peace and assurance.