Remembering…. and learning

September 11th.


It has been twelve years since the towers came crashing down, since so very many lives were lost.  In that day, in those moments we were all changed.  As the years have gone by, though, many have begun to say that we’ve heard enough, that it is time to move on.  Yet, this morning I find myself compelled and driven to bring 9/11 to my children, to lay it and all its heartache and all its lessons in their laps.  Oh, they’ve heard the phrases “twin towers” and “9/11”, and we have certainly explained the day to them in the past.  But, even they, find themselves, this year, not knowing or not remembering what happened.  It breaks my heart.  It also gives me pause.

The most significant event of our recent history should never be forgotten, should never be brushed aside, should never be treated like a reminder to do our chores, bringing barely tolerant sighs – even from the adults.

Why the drive to teach them again this year?  Maybe it is because, when I look down my street, not a single flag is flying.  Maybe it is because most of those houses don’t even own a flag.  Maybe it is because when we forget the lessons we should have learned then we run the very real and great risk of having to learn that lesson again.  Maybe it is because, as a nation, we have made ourselves vulnerable and weak in recent years.  And, particularly, in recent days.  Maybe it is because our nations’ children should not have to relive and repeat tragedies because we got tired of hearing “the same ol’, same ol'”.  Our laziness and foolishness will lead to their harm.  Maybe it is because we really do learn from lessons past down generation to generation and this younger generation is being fed a washed off, cleaned up, distorted can of worms.

When this nation is vulnerable, my children are vulnerable.  They deserve to know why.  They have the RIGHT to know why.

So, we will spend some time today.  We will watch the memorials.  Yes, they will see the images.  They will hear the heartbreak that still lingers in the voices of those who lost so much more significantly than we did that day.  We will talk politics.  And religion.  We will talk of love and hate.  We will discuss and debate and reflect and soul search.  We will talk about lessons to learn from really bad things in life.  Perhaps a little innocence will be lost.  That I do regret.  But as I prepare to gather them in I cannot negotiate that consequence away.  It is necessary.  And I love them.  And they will be aware, and they will have informed and educated opinions of their own, and they will know truth and be able to separate it from the rest.

Because they are young and vulnerable.

Because we have the responsibility to protect and teach them.

Because I love them.


“Annie, Get Your Gun!”

Maybe I should say, “Annie, get your ammo!”, since it is getting more irritating and costly by the day to purchase.

Recently, our administration has taken aim, from the highest levels, at the 2nd Amendment.  Now, since the only worthwhile discussion is an informed one, let’s look.  Do you know what the 2nd Amendment actually says?  Constitutional amendments 1-10 are the Bill of Rights. The 2nd Amendment, your right and mine, is stated as such:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  (Bill of Rights, Bill of Rights Institute)

In other words, the people have a right to a well regulated militia, armed citizens – separate from an official, organized army (allowing them to be free from oppression and dictatorship by the state), and a right to own and possess their own firearms (a right that shall not be encroached on).

Did you catch that; the right of the people… shall not be infringed.

Infringe – to break apart (law or pact) — infringe on – to encroach on (the rights, etc. of others).  ~Webster’s New World Dictionary

What we are seeing in Washington D.C., Colorado and California is in direct conflict with the Constitution.  There are numerous legislative attempts to limit the firearm you can own, tell you where you can and cannot carry your weapon, require you to pay to exercise your right to own firearms, and to tax and severely limit the availability of ammunition for firearms.  If this is not the definition of encroachment I don’t know what is.

So my question goes to you.  To ponder.  To discuss. Why does our federal government feel it has this right?  The Bill of Rights was specifically put in place to limit the power of federal government over the people.  What have we, as a people, done to encourage this crossing of boundaries?  What can we do about it now?  What have you already done?

Final thought:

Here is a recent, ‘encouraging’, townhall discourse between Rep. Moran (D-Va) and a concerned, female citizen,  regarding a woman’s right to lawfully conceal carry, specifically, on-campus.

“Why aren’t you pro-choice when it comes to self defense for women?”

After no answer to her question, he avoids and moves on….

Rep. Moran (D-Va), “I’ll let this gentleman now speak.”

Your hard-earned dollars and elected officials at work…

Inform Yourself!

This is where we get serious.   There are so many things in life that get people fired up.  Don’t just be fired up, though.  Do a little research, it doesn’t take much, really!  Inform yourself,  and those around you.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, things like politics, religion and other societal issues can be inspiring and beacons of hope in this unpredictable world.  They can also be messy, a headache and chock full of things we all disapprove of.  But, in this free country, every citizen has a responsibility to be informed, to understand the issues and know what is happening around them.  I would contend that applies both here and abroad.

Be inspired, be spurred to action, be disgusted, be sick of the ‘politics’, BE passionate, and CARE!  The decisions and agendas that are at play now are the policies and cultural shifts that will impact my children and grandchildren and yours. For me, I would be negligent in my responsibility as their parent to put on blinders and tune out.

So, get the facts and join the discussion – passionately but respectfully!