Breakfast Anyone?

My new favorite start to the day is this delicious little scramble.  Start by sautéing diced green onions and sliced baby portobello mushrooms in a little olive or coconut oil.  Salt and pepper to suit your fancy.  Add in two eggs, lightly scrambled, and cook until almost set.  Crumble goat cheese over the top, reduce heat, and cover for about two more minutes.  The goat cheese will be just starting to melt and get creamy.  Voila!  Pair with fresh fruit and you have a delicious start to your day!Image


4 Little Chefs


Do you know what happens when kids take over the kitchen?  I do!

They fill your cookbooks with sticky tabs for recipes they want to try.  They get bummed when they find out their night to cook is waaaaay on down at the end of the week.  They pick flavors you would normally shy away from to avoid a mealtime full of groans.  They get excited!  They surprise you, encourage each other, complain less, and try things they wouldn’t have even looked at before.  They learn about flavor, color, timing, patience, appealing to your audience, taking chances and being flexible.  I love it!  (And so do they!)

A Beginning…

Well, here we go!  A little place to call home.  A place to share our adventures (and misadventures) in homeschooling, going gluten-free, and cooking with children.  This is also where my hobbies and social/political views, opinions, and words of advice will land.  Many thanks to the amazing Caitlyn for the above photo!  You can find her endless creativity on display over at found, funky and fabulous.  Now, Welcome!  Kick your shoes off, grab a cup of coffee, a chai or a lovely glass of wine and take a load off.  And if you happen to be picking up a tall, chai tea latte from Starbucks, grab one for me, too!